During this course, participants develop a historical awareness of the events that have created imbalanced levels of power and privilege for different groups of marginalized people.

The goal of this learning experience is for participants to understand their individual privilege(s) and to show up not just as allies but as agents of anti-oppression.

The curriculum is an overview and can be adjusted to your learning goals.

📌 Module #1 Shital (hello) + co-creation of rules + let’s locate ourselves!

During this module, we will do an exercise to understand our levels of privilege in the different intersections (race, class, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc).

We will also get to know each other and co-create the rules of the space

📌 Module #2 The creation of race or “…but all of that happened a long time ago”

In module 2, we will review the so-called “Discovery of America”, the transatlantic slave trade, anti-Blackness, Indigenous racism, and a brief history of scientific racism.

📌 Module #3 “Which fork should I use first?”… and other class problems

In this section, we will learn about class privilege, class mobility, poverty, and the social determinants of health.

📌 Module #4 Transphobia & homophobia

During this module, we will learn about the formation of the role of white supremacy and colonization in the development of these two types of oppression, non-western ideas about gender identity and sexual orientation, and concrete ways in which marginalization occurs.

📌 Module #5 Sexism or “…you play like a girl”

In the last module, we will learn about the evolution of the western idea of gender, and “the burden” of not being a cis-man in this society.

📌 Module #6 Now that you know...what’s next?

Individually, and as a group we will share/reflect on the impact that the knowledge and sharings during the sessions created within us. We will also discuss how we will move forward after being made conscious. 

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